Born out of a lifelong passion for water sports, XL KITES started in 1999 and has been perfecting the art of teaching kiteboarding ever since. With 18 years of experience, we give the best lessons in the business. We are a professional full-time school and shop in continuous operation since the beginning of kiteboarding.  We are dedicated to getting you riding safely and effectively. From your first minutes on a trainer kite to those amazing seconds of your first ride, we make sure you are learning safe effective techniques.

Our beach location is perfect for learning.  We have shallow water, smooth wind, and a huge uncrowded bay.  Right across from our excellent teaching area are the beautiful beaches of the Gulf of Mexico.  The beautiful clear waters of the Gulf are amazing for your first wave rides. 

XL KITES is unmatched in kiteboarding experience and expertise.  We provide friendly professional service that is a reflection of our love of kiteboarding and our commitment to treat people with love and respect.