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  • Ozone Code V1
    Ozone Code V1

    The name ‘Code’ represents the Ozone team coming together to take on the...




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    Oceanus Technology EEL Reel Leash This is our latest and most versatile model. The EEL incorporates a number of popular modifications all wrapped into one unit. We have re-enforced the feed port of the unit from the inside making this model more similar in size, weight, and appearance to our STANDARD REEL, while offering the increased durability of...

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    Oceanus Technology HD Reel LeashThe Oceanus REEL HD (Heavy Duty) is our most durable, reliable, longest lasting unit to date. We highly recommend this Heavy Duty model to all kiters! This is the model we suggest be used anywhere board loss is a factor such as the open ocean, or rivers with strong current.

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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items