Clearance Gear for Wednesday, October 7, 2015

  • Mystic Open Palm Mitts 2011


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    Mystic Open Palm Mitts 2011

    Getting cramps wearing gloves on the water? Hands freezing? You should try some open palm mitts then.  They keep the wind chill off & give you good collective warmth, whilst allowing you total feel & unrestricted grip on the bar. 

    You can even flip them off over the back of your hand for dexterity while rigging. 

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  • 2010 Mystic Star Shorty XXL


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    2010 Mystic Star Shorty XXL

    Mystic Star 3/2 Shorty 2010 Red

    This is the ideal suit for warmer conditions where wind chill is unpleasant. This is a great suit to have in Baja, Tarifa, Texas, Florida, Gorge, Fuerte Ventura or anywhere else where the wind or water temperature is not boardshorts only! 3/2 keeps you nicely protected from the elements.

    The color of the wetsuit is black and there is a RED star accent (Mystic logo) on the shoulder.

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  • 2012 NPX Heatseeker Neoprene Top 1.5mm


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    2012 NPX Heatseeker Neoprene Top 1.5mm

    Tri-density 0.5mm (1.5mm on chest) neoprene shirt with a Titanium inner coating to reflect body heat. This neoprene shirt protects you from wind chill and keeps you warmer. 

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  • NPX Assassin L/S 3QTR Leg Wetsuit 4/3


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    NPX Assassin L/S 3QTR Leg Wetsuit 4/3

    Join Us In The Fight For Freedom. There’s a place on the water where conventions and gravity conspire against you in smug self confidence. Here, in the relentless battle to free ourselves from limitation, few - if any, are spared. (They call it the cutting edge, because some days when you pass through it, it can actually cut). The price of admission is adrenalin, and now something else...The NPX Assassin. It’s the choice of totally hard-core freedom fighters worldwide, the most deman

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  • GoPro Backy Mount


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    GoPro Backy Mount

    Back view mount Backy® came as a result of a full year of comprehensive testing in various types of harsh environment.It's made out of stainless steel to cope with the toughest outdoor elements such as sun, water, salt, sand and rocks. Backy® weighs only 0,5kg/17.6 ounces! It's strong and light weight.

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  • Mystic Cure Gloves


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    Mystic Cure Gloves

    The Mystic Cure Glove is the latest creation by Mystic with cold water protection in mind. Lightweight neoprene offers a light feel and great range of motion, while it keeps the hands warm and comfy. With Liquid Seals, and S-Seams the gloves are protected from water passing through, which helps with warmth. Velcro Wrist strap makes a better seal with the

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  • Mystic Crossfire Shorty 3/2 D/L


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    Mystic Crossfire Shorty 3/2 D/L

     Following the tremendous success of the Crossfire 5/3 Steamer Mystic introduces the high end shorty for this season. The Mystic Crossfire Shorty 3/2 offers unmatched range of motion, comfort, flexibility and aggressive styling / looks. This is not your old / boring stinky shorty. This is the new era of new school kiteboarding and windsports specific wetsuits which are made specifically for the needs of our sports!

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  • Mystic Force Impact Vest D3o


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    Mystic Force Impact Vest D3o

    The Mystic Force Impact vest D3o is the most technologically advance on the market, thanks to the state of the art D3o material, intelligent molecule system which can react differently depending on the Severity of the impact. This gives the Force Impact vest maximum comfort and protection. A Mystic exclusive! 
    This vest will protect your midsection from hard falls and crashes as well as giving you the extra floatation you need in the surf or out in the ocea

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  • Mystic Crossfire 5/3 D/L Steamer Len10 Full Wetsuit


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    Mystic Crossfire 5/3 D/L Steamer Len10 Full Wetsuit

    There are many features that make the Mystic Crossfire 5/3 D/L Steamer a kitesurfing specific suit. From the way the seams are positioned to follow the body while riding, to the longer panels across the suit that maximize range of motion, to the arm and shoulder articulation specifically designed for the kitesurfing and windsurfing movements, to shin bone protectors that offer extra cushioning for when the board turns on your shins, to Aquaflush system that drains the water from your cuffs so yo

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  • 2014 Turbine w/Compstick Bar & Lines


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    2014 Turbine w/Compstick Bar & Lines

     Everyone knows that if you want to get on the water and have fun in 5 to 6 knots your kite has to be light. We agree, but if you want to go beyond just mowing the lawn you need a sophisticated kite. The new Turbine not only gets you on the water first, it provides a performance ride and lets you stay on the water even as the wind is picking up.

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